Useless SharePoint Designer error message

I have had this before, but forgot the fix, so I am posting it here so that I remember it! I got the error from SharePoint designer this morning… The version of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation running on the server is more recent than the version SharePoint Designer you are using. You need a mo... [More]

Sample Data images is now fixed

Sorry to everyone about the images not being created in the Sample Data App. It appears that Flickr decided that you can only access their API via https and they switched off http access completely on Sunday. I have updated the scripts which retrieve the images and all is working again now.

New release of Sample Data SharePoint App

I have released a new version of the free Sample Data App, which is already available in the Sh [More]

JSOM Fiddle source now on GitHub

I have put the source code to JSOM Fiddle  SharePoint App into GitHub. This will allow you to create your own project and to deploy it with Full Control. The current store version does have limitations on the actions you can perform because of the App security. You can access the project here ... [More]

Creating Sample Data for SharePoint 2013 Lists and Libraries

We all have to do it, whether for testing, development or a demonstration. Creating semi-realistic sample data can be time consuming and generally a bit of a pain. Well now you have a free SharePoint App which can help you out. The Sample Data SharePoint App The app adds a custom action to several... [More]

Creating an icon for the custom action in your SharePoint App

This is a quick post to show how to creating a good looking Icon for your SharePoint custom action. First create the icon Download Metro Studio from Syncfusion. This will allow you to select an icon from a huge range of royalty-free icons. Pick the icon which best suites your custom... [More]

Creating/Editing XLSX or DOCX documents directly in JavaScript

Must admit that when I first starting looking at this I wasn’t overly hopeful of achieving it, but it is possible…it’s not dead simple, but it is definitely doable. TL;DR: Download the project, open it in Visual Studio, read the code, deploy it and then try it. There are numerous things you need a... [More]

Accessing data from an external service in a SharePoint App

So you can access remote data from a SharePoint using the Web Proxy, but what if you don’t know the domain of the service you’ll want to access beforehand. That means you can’t add it to the manifest for your App and so the Web Proxy will not work. Another option is JsonP, but not all services prov... [More]

Calendar Custom Actions in your SharePoint 2013 App

Today I wanted to add a custom action to a calendar in a SharePoint App. Thought it would be straight forward, but apparently not. Adding the custom action is fine… Selecting ‘Calendar’ as the list template to associate the custom action with is simple. You then get a choice of ... [More]

Easily add item reordering to your SharePoint list

Using List Reorder from the SharePoint app store you can easily add reordering capabilities to any list in your SharePoint site. It’s particularly useful if you use Promoted Links a lot.

SharePoint on Windows Phone

AgilisPoint a free App for your Windows Phone