Some useful CSS classes for your SharePoint Apps

You want your SharePoint App to fit in with the theme of the parent SharePoint site and so you need to use the same colors & fonts. I haven’t seen anywhere giving a list of the useful classes & I keep forgetting them. ms-emphasis This applies the emphasis foreground and ... [More]

Dynamically resizing a SharePoint App webpart to show dialogs

One of the problems with SharePoint Apps is that you cannot SP.UI.showModelDialog() to show additional details to the end user. It is also a problem when you want to provide a richer UI than the very basic properties you can add to the ToolPart window. I was talking to Chris earlier this week and s... [More]

So you want to replace the default SharePoint asset picker

I have just had reason to replace the default OOTB SharePoint 2013 asset picker, you know the one. It gives you lots of places to find things, but absolutely no way to search or filter. And God help you if you want to link to an asset in another site collection.     Anyway, th... [More]

Introducing the JSOM Fiddle SharePoint App

I’ve been doing a fair amount of JSOM development recently, you kinda have to if your doing a ShareP [More]

Random background body images in SharePoint

Just had an interesting question…How do you get random background images on your SharePoint site. We needed it for a demo site and proved vaguely interesting. The problem is that SharePoint sets the CSS class for the body after the page has loaded in the method AllowCSSFiltersOnIE8. This is the met... [More]

TypeScript files not compiling on save in VS 2013

I’m using TypeScript for my SharePoint development…makes JavaScript soooo much easier. Anyway, I had a problem with .ts files not compiling on save and so not being able to update the .js file on the server while debugging. A big thanks to ‘Kevin S’ for sharing the workaround on Stack Overflow… ht... [More]

Dev/Test with multiple accounts on SharePoint

When developing a SharePoint App you quite often have to use multiple accounts to perform different tasks, different views or test security. Today that process really annoyed me and I had to find a better way than multiple browsers. Generally I would use a mixture of InPrivate, Firefox and Chrome(y... [More]

Adding static content and HTML files to your SharePoint App at runtime using JSOM

Just a quick one about an issue I faced yesterday. Basically I wanted to create some HTML content for my SharePoint App and then be able to link to that content via an IFrame. Creating a new document library and uploading the HTML files is easy, but SharePoint won’t let you display HTML files dire... [More]

I'm back :-)

After many years of not blogging I have finally taken the time to set up my blog again. I'm still do [More]

SharePoint on Windows Phone

AgilisPoint a free App for your Windows Phone