Sample Data images is now fixed

Sorry to everyone about the images not being created in the Sample Data App. It appears that Flickr decided that you can only access their API via https and they switched off http access completely on Sunday. I have updated the scripts which retrieve the images and all is working again now.

New release of Sample Data SharePoint App

I have released a new version of the free Sample Data App, which is already available in the Sh [More]

Creating Sample Data for SharePoint 2013 Lists and Libraries

We all have to do it, whether for testing, development or a demonstration. Creating semi-realistic sample data can be time consuming and generally a bit of a pain. Well now you have a free SharePoint App which can help you out. The Sample Data SharePoint App The app adds a custom action to several lists and libraries. Specifically it can generate sample data for the following… Custom Lists, Document Libraries, Asset Libraries, Wiki Libraries, Calendars, Discussions, Tasks and contacts. It places a button on the ribbon which, when clicked, presents you with a dialog. Generally this dialog gives you some options about the data you want created. Library Sample Data For document libraries the App the creates a mix of Excel and Word files, with some random content in them all. The filenames are randomly created and are hopefully slightly real. You can specify the number of documents, so if you need a library with 1000 documents then this will create them for you. For Wikis you can enter the URL of you favourite RSS feed. The content of the feed is then used to create the pages and the page names. You can enter different feeds to add as much content as you wish. For Asset Libraries the App will add some random images to your library. All the images have a creative commons license, which can be viewed in the App dialog. There are three types to choose from ‘Buildings’, ‘Old Artwork’ and ‘Space Innovation’. List Sample Data Calendar data is randomly created. You can specify the number of days in the past and the into the future. The number of events per day is random and again you can specify the range. All days events are also randomly created and if not all day then the duration of the event is random. Tasks are all randomly created, the start and end dates also being random. The percentage complete is also random, with some tasks being set as complete. Adding data to Custom Lists is also easy. Not all column types are covered, but the most common ones are. Date columns are random, Note columns have a paragraph and Choice columns have a random values selected from the choices. With custom lists it is entirely possible to add 5000 items in one go should you need to test hitting the item limit in SharePoint. Discussions are taken from the MS Office newsgroups. The sample data is basically a copy of the RSS feed, with all the replies added to the relevant discussions. This gives you quite a few discussions, with varying number of replies. Contacts are randomly created, with phone numbers and countries all added. See it in action This is a simple video showing the Sample Data App creating documents in a document library. Let me know Let me know what you think or if there is anything you want added. You can install the app now from the SharePoint App Store.

SharePoint on Windows Phone

AgilisPoint a free App for your Windows Phone