New release of Sample Data SharePoint App

I have released a new version of the free Sample Data App, which is already available in the SharePoint App Store The solution can be downloaded and it has two new features…

Download the app solution file

The App Solution can now be downloaded and installed for farms that are not connected to the SharePoint App Store.

Sample Data for a Links List

You can now quickly create links in a SharePoint Links List. The source of the links is from Wikipedia and you can enter your own URL so that the generated links can be on any subject you like.


The links are taken from the references section at the end of the Wikipedia page.



Improved document creation

Previously you could only create 30 documents at a time. This has been increased to 500, so you can quickly hit that 5000 limit if you are testing.

The feedback/progress has also been improved so that you can see more progress as the documents are created.

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